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TVShareMax – Share Smartphone Screen on TV

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Whether you live alone or share with friends or family, having to show someone a YouTube video or Netflix episode on your phone is annoying, to say the least. Thankfully the technology has arrived to save your eyes and make streaming content from your phone more enjoyable. TVShareMax is one of those innovative gadgets that…

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No more squinting at your phone screen thanks to TVShareMax’s HD mirroring

TVShareMax - Share Smartphone Screen on TV

You can instantly stream your phone content to a large-screen television with the instant wireless streaming service.

  • High Definition Output
  • Share on Any TV and Monitor
  • Easy to Use, Simple Setup
  • Small Form Factor, Super Portable
  • On Default Screen Setup Instructions
  • Windows, Android and iOS Compatible


  • TVShareMax - Share Smartphone Screen on TV Any TV can be made into a Smart TV
  • TVShareMax - Share Smartphone Screen on TV It is so simple to use. All you need are a WiFi connection
  • TVShareMax - Share Smartphone Screen on TV Portable and easy to carry around


It doesn’t matter if you live alone, with friends, or with a group of people, it can be annoying to have to show someone a YouTube or Netflix video on your phone. The technology exists to save your eyes and make streaming content easier from your phone.

TVShareMax This is an innovative gadget that can make your life easier. It allows you to share your smartphone screen in impressive ways.


Simple to Use

Installation can be difficult because HD screen sharing technology involves a lot more wires. The set-up can be tedious if you don’t know the exact location of everything. This leads to everyone watching becoming bored.

Thankfully, TVShareMax This product does not have any problems and is ready to use right out of the box. It has HDMI and AV output, so even if you have a dated TV, it will still let you watch movies on your smartphone on a larger screen.


Easy Set-up

Once the HDMI cable is connected, power! TVShareMax You can connect via USB to display an image on your screen. These instructions are easy to follow and make connecting quick and simple. After you have connected your device to your router, you can then share your mobile screen.


Crystal Clear Picture

You’ve probably seen it before, HD screencast gadgets look impressive but when you get them home, the picture is grainy and unreliable.

The consensus of TVShareMax The best thing about the image quality is that you can watch it on your phone in full HD.


Instant Streaming

It can take up to a long time for streaming from one phone to another, even if you have established the connection. You may be waiting minutes or longer before the stream is available.

This compact gadget has a major advantage: it works instantly and is compatible with both iOS and Android. It can be connected to your smartphone and you can browse through your phone. Everything will be mirrored on the big screen, making movie night more enjoyable.


Any TV Can Be A Smart Television

A new smart TV can cost hundreds to hundreds of dollars. Then when it arrives you have to spend time connecting it and that’s if all the features work.

The best thing about TVShareMax It doesn’t matter what type of TV you have, any TV can be a smart television. You aren’t limited to what apps you can use – as long as it’s on your phone, you can watch it on TV.

You can use your phone as a remote control to access YouTube and Amazon Prime, or Spotify through the speakers. Your tablet or laptop can also be used to control the content you see, as it is easy to connect.


Incredibly portable

Even a Kodi box can be too heavy to transport from one room to the next. This limits its use. Most technology that allows screen sharing is heavy.

Because it doesn’t weigh much and can fit in the back pocket of your jeans, TVShareMax can be taken from room to room to be used on different TV’s. It is popular among teenagers, who can share their screen with their friends. Because it is portable, they can easily fit it in their bags.

When you’re traveling abroad and can’t work out how to use the TV or staying in a hotel and want to watch your favorite shows from your phone, TVShareMax It makes it easy to travel.


Works on Loads Of Apps

Do you wish to FaceTime a friend but have trouble reading their expressions or hearing them correctly?

This frustration can be avoided by making use of TVShareMax. It is not limited to a handful of apps. It can be used on many multimedia such as safari, streaming services like HBO Now, Netflix and many more.

It is used by many people to view their photos and videos.


This will save you money

We’ve mentioned how it can save you money on buying an expensive Smart TV but the savings don’t end there. It is easy to use, and you can access everything right from your phone within seconds. Many people have decided to cancel their cable and switch to using it. TVShareMax instead.

This can save you 100’s in just a couple of months so just think about how much more it will save over the next year or so.

Where can I purchase the TVShareMax?

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