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HomeNetix – Smart Home Control

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This all in one remote system will provide a simple way of controlling your devices from anywhere. If you are one of the many people who are tired of living without modern conveniences, then HomeNETIX is one of the most useful pieces of technology you can find. Instead of getting annoyed when…

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HomeNETIX Smart remote control that can be used to control your TV remotely Everyone is talking about it

HomeNetix - Smart Home Control
This all-in one remote system allows you to easily control your devices from anywhere.

  • Make your home and life smarter and more convenient with HomeNETIX
  • Turns your basic home appliances into smart devices with this simple universal system
  • Control your home anywhere, anytime through the app. IOS, Android and Alexa
  • Support all home appliances such as TV, TV box, air condition, DVD, etc…
  • One button scene setting, personalised preset mode (sleep, away, romance, pet, etc)
  • Easy Configuration. Connect to the WiFi and SmartPhone, no gateway needed

If you are tired of living without modern conveniences, HomeNETIX This is one of most useful pieces you can find in technology. Instead of getting annoyed when you can’t fight the right remote, you can have the power to access any smart device, at any time. It’s all thanks to HomeNETIX The multiple functions will make a significant difference in how you live your daily life.

If you’ve tried other brands but weren’t satisfied with the results, or if you just want to make your home more modern, then HomeNETIX This is the answer you’re looking for.


HomeNETIX: Smart Remote Control That’s Simple and Easy to Use

Regular remotes are extremely limited. The remote can only perform one task in one location and it relies on your input. The HomeNETIX It can be set up to work even when you’re not there.

A smart remote control with a limited number of options and difficulty to use is what most people assume. For low-quality products, this might be true. But not for smart remotes. HomeNETIX.


HomeNETIX Compatible with Different Devices

Cloud Service Technology makes it possible to access your devices anywhere and at any hour. You can control lighting, audio, air conditioning, and other devices.

HomeNETIX You can also use Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to make your home a smarter one. Both can be controlled from anywhere, hands-free. It can be used to switch channels by speaking or while you’re cooking. HomeNETIX It has a range of 26 feet (8M) in your home, but can also work when connected to WiFi.

HomeNETIX It benefits the whole family. Many parents worry about their children watching too much television. It is possible to limit the time with this smart remote control.


You can control your smart home remotely HomeNETIX

Your home can be completely customized to fit any occasion. By creating scenes you can use HomeNETIX It is possible to have your home set up in a certain way at different times of the day. Perhaps you want your air conditioner units to shut off at a specific time of the night or your lighting to turn on when you return home. Perhaps you want to set a timer on your favorite TV program. With this smart remote control, you can do anything.

This will eliminate any worries you may have about your home security when you’re not there. You can control your smart lighting remotely and make it appear as if someone is there. You can do this even if you aren’t there. You can access the app to create a timer so that your home is lit during any business trip or holiday. HomeNETIX You can also use this to ensure that the lights are not left on while you’re away.


The Accompanying app is easy to use

The easy-to-use app makes setting it up simple. The interface was designed to make adding devices and controlling them easy. This is an important feature for many. HomeNETIX.

Every little convenience is possible. You can click a button to make sure you don’t have to get out of bed if you forget to turn off the bathroom light. HomeNETIX Set up in your own home.

Many people consider a home incomplete if it isn’t possible to control all the devices from one place. Many homes now have an internet connection. HomeNETIX Smart remote control for every room


HomeNETIX This is great for pet owners

Pet owners often worry about their pet dogs or cats throughout the day. It can be hard to ensure that they are happy and healthy in the summer months when you’re away at work. HomeNETIX You can adjust the temperature so that your pets don’t overheat, even if the air conditioner was not turned on before you leave for work.


Anyone can benefit from using HomeNETIX

It is a versatile piece of technology that anyone can use. It is easy to set up. HomeNETIX It can be used by everyone. This tool is great for people who work late or have a busy schedule and need to make sure that the home is lit before they go in.

It is small, so it does not appear bulky. HomeNETIX It works with 2.4G WiFi, making it compatible for most modern homes.


If you want to reduce your electricity bill, HomeNETIX This is a solution. It is possible to control devices so that they don’t turn on unnecessarily.

It is easy to use and will have you living in a smart house in no time. It’s a durable, long-lasting, and impressive smart remote control that makes it easy to purchase.

Where can I purchase the HomeNETIX?

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