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AirCooly – Vertical Standing Air Cooler

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Are you looking for an efficient cooling unit to cool your space? Are you looking for a way out of the sweltering summer heat? Do you wish to cut down on the exorbitant electricity bills accumulated as a result of using the conventional AC? Then you’ve got your wishes answered with the AirCooly…

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Are you searching for a reliable cooling unit to cool down your space? Are you tired of the scorching summer heat? Are you looking to reduce the high electricity bills that are accumulated from using a conventional AC? Then you’ve got your wishes answered with the AirCooly cooling unit. The AirCooly cooling system is a personal cooling unit that provides instant cooling for your space.

  • Efficient Personal Air Cooling
  • Comfortable Freshening Wind
  • Easy To Refill Built-in Humidifier
  • Silent Working Design, Disturbance Free
  • Easy And Safe To Use By Everyone
  • Standard USB Power Supply

The humidifier is built into the unit and adds moisture to the air. It also has a quiet working design that will not disturb you. This cooling unit uses minimal electricity, which will help you save money on high electricity bills. This cooling unit is very affordable, and that’s the best part.

This review will provide more information. AirCooly To help you make informed choices when choosing the best cooling device to cool your home.

AirCooly - Vertical Standing Air Cooler

What is AirCooly exactly?

AirCooly is a portable, lightweight personal air cooling device that can cool your space in just a few seconds. This cooling technology adds clean moisture to the air, which helps prevent dryness in the eyes, nose, and skin. AirCooly is also extremely energy efficient. It charges using a Type C USB cable, which consumes very little electricity. This will save you money and help you avoid exorbitant electricity costs.

This quiet profile air cooler is made from high-tech materials. It can be used in any environment, even when it’s in use. AirCooly is made of high-quality technology materials that will last a lifetime. AirCooly is affordable, despite all the amazing features and benefits it offers.


AirCooly Product Specifications

  • Material for product: ABS + CF+ PC
  • Product color is White/Green/Pink
  • Product size: 109*109*293mm
  • Package size: 111*111*300mm
  • Operation power 5W
  • Timing long sprays: 3 hours
  • Fixing time spray 6 hours
  • Tank capacity: 220ml
  • Toggle
  • Leafless ice fog fan; Straight down 15°
  • USB cable
  • Cotton swab x 2

AirCooly’s exceptional features

AirCooly is unique because it has many features that set it apart from other cooling devices. These features are just a few of the many.

2-in-1 functionality: The AirCooly system This personal air cooler can perform multiple functions. The first is its efficiency. It cools your area in seconds with its cooling fan. Additionally, it acts as a humidifier by adding clean moisture to the air. This prevents dryness in your environment.

Water tank: The cooling unit comes equipped with a high-capacity, easy-to-fill water tank of 220ml. This reservoir, or water tank, is where the cooling device stores the water. It is located at the bottom of the cooling unit.

Leak proof design: This cooling unit has a small funnel that connects it to the main cooling device. This funnel prevents water from leaking or spillage during operation.

Vents: The Leafless Ice Fog comes out through the vents and cools down your space, no matter what the temperature.

Rechargeable: This cooling device can be charged with the included Type-C USB cable. Its powerful battery lasts long hours to provide long hours cooling.

Brushless motor fan: AirCooly It comes equipped with a silent brushless motor fan that is quiet during operation. The fan’s quiet profile makes it easy to sleep soundly and work uninterrupted.

Toggle: The toggle allows you to turn on or off the fan/humidifier. To turn on fan, toggle switch upwards to low fan, medium fan, or high fan. To turn on the humidifier toggle the switch downwards to intermittent or continuous misting.

It’s easy to use: AirCooly’s operation is simple and intuitive. It does not require any installation or complicated controls.

Durable outer casing: This portable personal air cooling device is constructed with top technology materials. The ABS material can withstand falls and certain levels of malhandling without suffering any serious damage.

Compact design and light weight: AirCooly is compact and lightweight, with all the features included. It also has a small handle that makes it easy to carry.


What is the working principle of AirCooly?

AirCooly is a portable and personal cooling unit that can beat heat anywhere and anytime. The cooling unit is easy to use, as there are no complicated functions or controls. It can also be operated by anyone without the assistance of a technician. These are the steps you can follow to operate this cooling device.

Charge the cooling device first until it is fully charged.

Next, add water in the water tank at the bottom.

Next, turn the fan on by turning the switch in the lower compartment of the device up. When you turn the switch upward, it switches to low. The fan switches to medium the second time you toggle it upward. It switches to high the third time you toggle it upward.

To turn on the humidifier, flip the switch down. Once you switch the switch downward, it switches to continuous misting. The humidifier switches to intermittent misting when the toggle is turned downward.

NB AirCooly User Instruction Manual contains more information about how to use it.

AirCooly - Vertical Standing Air Cooler

Air Cooly Benefits

This cooling unit is state-of the-art and offers many benefits. These benefits include, but aren’t limited to, the following:

Efficient cooling: AirCooly is the top choice for instant, efficient cooling. AirCooly’s cooling effect is instant, unlike conventional ACs that take up to five to ten mins to start. AirCooly’s design is such that you feel the cool breeze within 30 seconds of turning it on. You can beat the heat with this next generation cooling unit!

Cleans the air with moisture: AirCooly not only cools your space effectively, but also adds moisture to your air. AirCooly removes moisture from the air, which causes dryness in the eyes and skin.

AirCooly is unique because it doesn’t just add moisture, it also cleans the air. This helps you to breathe comfortably, without your nose cracking and bleeding.

Silent working design: AirCooly features a brushless motor fan that makes it silent to operate. It is no longer necessary to listen to the annoying buzzing noises when you use conventional AC. The AirCooly cooling unit has a quiet working design that allows you to sleep comfortably and work unaffected.

It’s easy to use: A user-friendly or simple device is preferred by everyone. AirCooly’s cooling device has simple controls and functions. The simple controls make it easy for anyone to operate without technical assistance or knowledge.

Eco-friendly: This cooling unit, which is state-of the-art, is also environmentally friendly. It does not release any toxic chemicals or poisonous substances into the atmosphere during operation. AirCooly is very safe and harmless for the environment.

Productivity increase: Studies and reports have shown that worker’s productivity reduces by up to 20% during summer. The heat wave causes workers to be distracted and their productivity drops by up to 20%. Heat can cause one to feel less motivated and lethargic, which makes it more difficult to concentrate on tasks or meetings. A portable cooling unit is essential for you to have with you when you travel to work. The portable, highly efficient AirCooly cooling system will ensure that you have increased productivity in the face of heat waves.

It uses very little electricity: Are you concerned about high electricity bills? Do you want to conserve energy while you cool your home? AirCooly is the best option! AirCooly uses less electricity power, which means you can save money on electricity costs. AirCooly will let you say goodbye to high electricity bills. You can also save money by cooling your space this summer.

Portability: You can keep cool all summer long without getting hot. You can carry the AirCooly cooling system with you anywhere you go, thanks to its compact, lightweight and cordless design. You can beat the heat indoors or outdoors by simply charging up the device.

High battery capacity: This high-tech cooling system comes with a quality, built-in battery. The battery’s long-lasting, rechargeable nature allows it to cool indoors as well as outdoors.

High quality technology materials that guarantee quality: Do you need a cooling unit that can withstand the summer heatwave? AirCooly is the right choice. AirCooly is made from the best technology materials. It boasts a strong battery capacity made from premium ABS materials. This ensures that water stays in the tank even if it drips. The outer shell is strong and durable, so it can withstand any abuse without sustaining damage. AirCooly is durable.

Pocket friendly: AirCooly cools efficiently, has a lot of cute and unique features, and can help you keep productive in heatwaves. AirCooly’s cooling unit is affordable and efficient. AirCooly offers a 50% discount, which means that you only have to spend half the price of this amazing cooling device. Cooling down comfortably does not require you to spend a lot of money. AirCooly, which is affordable, will ensure that you have a summer filled with cool and refreshing air.

Delivery is fast, free and easy: AirCooly can be purchased directly from the site by following this link. This link will guarantee you free delivery. This means that the cooling device is all you pay and no delivery fees are added to your order. AirCooly also offers fast and convenient delivery right at your doorstep. Once you pay for this product, you will receive it within three to five business days.

Secure 256-bit SSL encryption: The 256-bit encryption method encrypts and decrypts files or data using a key that is 256 bits. It is one the most secure encryption methods, making it impossible for hackers and crackers to hack encrypted messages. AirCooly uses 256-bit SSL encryption to protect your privacy.


Is AirCooly real or a fraud?

AirCooly is a legit cooling device that is 100% authentic. The cooling unit’s efficiency in cooling your space has been confirmed by many users from all over the world. You can purchase the cooling device by clicking the link. This will get you the original product at the lowest prices. It will also save you money.

AirCooly’s Pros

  • Cooling your personal space with efficient air conditioning
  • Comfortable freshening wind
  • Instant cooling in a few seconds
  • It’s easy to refill your water tank
  • Humidifier built-in to prevent dryness
  • Silent working design, disturbance free
  • It is simple and safe for everyone
  • Three different grades of strong winds
  • Timing spray
  • Motor with powerful motor
  • Simulate natural wind
  • Standard USB power supply
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Light in weight
  • Use it indoors and out!
  • Cool and refreshed.
  • Adds moisture to the air
  • Comfortable ergonomic design
  • Amazing energy saver
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee

AirCooly Cons

  • Limited stock available.
  • Only available through the official online shop
  • Not available in retail stores.

AirCooly is the best cooling system on the market.

AirCooly cooling units have received many positive reviews, making them more popular than their counterparts on the market. Here are some of the reasons this cooling device ranks higher.

AirCooly has a fast cooling effect. AirCooly’s cooling effect is instantaneous. Within 30 to 45 seconds you can feel the refreshing breeze. AirCooly works faster than other cooling devices, and you will feel the coolness immediately.

AirCooly works silently due to its brushless motor fan. You can sleep peacefully and get work done without distractions thanks to the AirCooly’s quiet profile.

AirCooly is able to add clean moisture to the air. AirCooly’s cooling unit has a built-in humidifier. This is in contrast to conventional ACs which can absorb too much moisture, leading to dry skin and itchy eyes.

AirCooly also means that you can say goodbye to worries about exorbitant electricity costs. AirCooly consumes very little electricity. AirCooly is not like conventional ACs that consume a lot of electricity, leaving you with high electricity bills.

AirCooly also comes with a low price tag. You don’t need to break your account or budget a lot to get this high-tech cooling device. Its affordability doesn’t compromise its effectiveness.


Where can I purchase the AirCooly

AirCooly is up for sale on the manufacturer’s official site. This air cooler can only be purchased directly at the manufacturer’s official site. The 50% discount means you will pay half the price. In addition to this, you also have the option of receiving free delivery as well as fast and convenient delivery to your home.

Simply click on the provided link, fill in all the information required for the delivery of your cooling unit and you will feel the relief in just a few days. AirCooly is available for purchase via Visa, MasterCard Maestro American Express, Discover Network, Visa and MasterCard.


AirCooly’s FAQs page contains frequently asked questions (FAQs).

How does the AirCooly function?

AirCooly can be installed and used by anyone. This device must be charged until it is fully charged. Fill up the water tank in the cooling unit’s bottom compartment. AirCooly offers three levels for wind timing misting. To turn on the cooling fans, toggle the switch upward. When you turn the switch upwards, the fan will automatically turn to low.

It switches to medium the second time and high the third. To turn on humidifier, add moist to the air and prevent dryness by turning the switch downward. Once you toggle down, the humidifier switches on continuous misting. It switches to intermittent spraying the second time you toggle down. AirCooly’s powerful fan pulls warm dry air through a water filtration system and then uses the water to cool your space by passing out cool fog through the vents.

Can the AirCooly cool to a particular temperature?

No. The outside temperature and humidity will have an impact on the temperature. AirCooly has three levels of wind timing and misting settings. There are also two humidifier settings that regulate air flow and water humidity. These settings will allow you to cool the air quicker as it flows through the device.

How is AirCooly charged

AirCooly can be charged with the USB cable provided in the box. Simply attach the USB cable to the port on the device, and then plug the other end into either a wall outlet (or mains power source). AirCooly has a large battery capacity that will last hours. This will allow you to enjoy hours of coolness.

Can I buy AirCool on Amazon?

No. AirCooly is only available at the official shop. Please click the link. The official store will sell you the personal aircooler at the best price. You can pay with all credit cards for the purchase of this AC.

Last Remark

AirCooly is the key to a cool, comfortable space. It’s the best way for you to keep cool during the summer heat. AirCooly will make it easy to say goodbye to dry days and beat the scorching heat all year. Click on the provided link to purchase the AirCooly cooling device. Payment can be made with all credit cards.


Where can I purchase the AirCooly?

The AirCooly is available for a limited time only, with exclusive offers and free shipping. Ordering is quick and easy, so take advantage of the great price by ordering yours today.

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