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MemorySafeX – USB Storage Device

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A one-click backup solution that is perfect for keeping all those valuable images and files safe where the cloud has failed to offer a bulletproof solution. Every family has experienced that dreaded moment when they have been locked out of emails or their phone has been lost or stolen. These problems can be avoided with…

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Never lose your videos and photos again With this game-changer

MemorySafeX - USB Storage Device

This new one-click solution allows you to save precious minutes from your mobile device quickly and instantly.

  • Instantly Backup Your Photos & Videos
  • Easy to Use – Plug & Play
  • Back Up Directly From Your Phone
  • Large Capacity 64GB – 64,000 Photos
  • iOS & Android Friendly
  • Safe & Secure Transfer

One-click backup that protects all your files and images. Everyone has witnessed the dreaded moment that their email is blocked or their phone stolen.

These problems can easily be avoided MemorySafeX. It solves all security concerns and, since nobody wants to spend hours uploading images onto a storage device or sorting them in the correct order, it saves time.


Finally, MemorySafeX It’s Time To Save Valuable Files

Phones get older and their files become more valuable. This can lead to a problem, especially if the storage capacity is full. If an upgrade is required, the risk of losing files can rise. MemorySafeXIt is an option.

It will eliminate the hassle of storing images at snail’s speed. It saves both time and memories.

Normal USB drives take a long time to send images via Bluetooth or email. Instead, you can benefit from the most recent technology and make use of it. MemorySafeX. It’s easy to use, simply plug it into your phone and you can save any image or video within seconds.


MemorySafeX It is amazingly easy to use

Although USB sticks are time-consuming, they can be tedious to use. MemorySafeX It is very easy. It is easy to install and plug the app into your device.

For iPhone and iPad, this smart device prompts the phone to install the app so it really can be used by anyone, even those who aren’t tech-savvy. You can store files externally or create folders and files.

It can also work on a computer. Within seconds it scans all files and saves them onto a single click. MemorySafeX. It can recognize duplicates and saves only one copy, which is great for storage space and keeps the device clean.


MemorySafeX Massive Storage Space

A hard drive external that can handle the demands of modern smartphones is an absolute necessity in today’s digital age. Many people have thousands of photos stored. MemorySafeX You are safe and secure.

64GB of storage means that it can store as many as 60,000 photos and videos. This is far more than what most smartphones can handle. You can use it on multiple devices or laptops to save your entire family’s files.


For Convenient Printing, Use MemorySafeX

Most people have seen the horror of photo printing services, where you need to connect a device and then scroll through each image. For 1000’s of images, this can take a long time.

With MemorySafeX It is simple to create folders that can be printed as soon as you arrive at the printers. There is no need to download software or hardware. All you have to do is click and go.


It provides 100% security when you save anything to an external device. Files can be lost or stolen in too many ways. The risk of losing thousands of images over time could be catastrophic.

While most people believe they are safe from online theft and hackers, there is always the risk that the device could be stolen. Smartphones are often a target for thieves, but external devices such as tablets and laptops can be stolen. MemorySafeX These are great to keep at home.


Home Entertainment at The Touch Of A Button

One of the most remarkable elements of MemorySafeX It can store large files so you can watch movies offline from your phone.

Because a film can take up multiple GB’s of memory, MemorySafeX It is an invaluable tool that can help you save space. You can account for almost every file type, including the most popular like MP4, MOV, MOV and M4V.


MemorySafeX Photos saved when taken

After taking a picture, they can immediately save it onto MemorySafeX When it is plugged in to the device. It saves time searching for files and saving them then deleting them from the phone.

The automatic saving onto the external drive is an added convenience that common USB sticks don’t have.


Large files saved on external drives can take several minutes to save, and sometimes even hours, depending on how large the files are.

MemorySafeX The HD Movies Saver takes away the hassle of transferring HD movies. You don’t have to constantly check its progress. Transfer speed is 30MB/s, making it easy to transfer large files.

Because the connector is longer than most, you don’t need to take off the tablet or phone cover.


External drives that are regular and reliable can only save files. MemorySafeX It not only backs files from a smartphone or tablet, but also serves as a regular USB stick.

You can save the files and then transfer them onto a laptop to make them even more secure.

The safest and best phone storage solution. MemorySafeX Many people love this food.

Where can I purchase the MemorySafeX?

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