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AndroidTV – a New World of Entertainment


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When it comes to watching TV, the world of technology is changing very quickly. Instead of waiting patiently for your favourite TV shows to air, it is possible to turn your TV into a smart TV with this modern AndroidTV device. The AndroidTV box is designed to stream TV shows and movies directly to your…

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AndroidTV - a New World of Entertainment

Stream your favourite shows With the AndroidTV Box

In the case of watching TV, the realm of technology is evolving rapidly. Instead of waiting for your favorite television shows to show, it’s possible to convert the TV to a connected TV by using this latest device, the AndroidTV device. Its AndroidTV box is specifically designed to allow you stream television shows or films directly to your television. This revolutionary design is packed with amazing features and gives you the ability to access your favorite streaming apps for a affordable cost.

  • High Performance Quad Core CPU
  • Support Ultra High Definition 4K Videos
  • Play the latest Android Games with Family and Friends
  • New Android 7.1 Operating System
  • Compact Design, Small and Easy to carry. Enjoy at Work, Home, etc.
  • Watch YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter and Browse the Web from your TV

AndroidTV - a New World of Entertainment

Introducing the AndroidTV box

We understand how difficult it can be to wait for your TV shows you love So to assist you in overcoming these problems, we searched marketplaces for newest streaming technology for TV. We looked for devices with the capacity to reduce costs and time, as well as provide rapid efficient and stable streaming. After looking through a variety of choices, we settled on that this TV box ticked all the box thanks to its amazing functionality and user-friendly.

This AndroidTV device is specifically designed to give you top quality streaming, with speed and stability. This box is powerful and will enable users to download everything including TV shows and films to the most recent games, apps, and images. It’s also affordable price, particularly when compared with other products. If you purchase just one piece of technology , it’ll be feasible to eliminate your existing TV service that will lead to continuous savings and excellent service.

AndroidTV - a New World of Entertainment

How does the AndroidTV box work?

This AndroidTV box is famous for its sleek and contemporary appearance, however the incredible interior components set this device apart from rivals. The box is running the most up-to-date Android operating system that is enhanced by a fast processor as well as plenty of storage space.

This huge amount of power and storage can be used to stream thousands streams and live shows from a wide range of sources, as well as offering smooth and fast navigation across all apps. The box is compatible with Android TV. box is also compatible with 2.4G/5G dual-band WiFi. This allows you to browse your favorite websites as well as play the most recent games. It also supports Bluetooth 4.0 which allows you to connect to a variety of Bluetooth devices like mouse, keyboard and gaming controller for video games.

AndroidTV - a New World of Entertainment

The box also comes with the four 2.0 USB ports which are capable of supporting devices like an 2.4GHz miniature wireless keyboard that comes with touchpad mouse, via an 2.4GHz USB dongle. Additionally, USB ports can be used to access files stored on external devices for unending hours of enjoyment.

It doesn’t matter if you utilize the AndroidTV device to stream video, or to access the many apps available and apps, this 4K64bits H.265 video playback and display will offer HD high-quality visuals. The resolution 4K is the most advanced resolution available on home entertainment devices. It has an average size of 2160 pixels in high resolution and 3840 pixels broad. To make it more flexible the TV box is equipped with an HDMI port and AV output port, which allows users to connect their device directly into an HD port, or the RCA option to get standard resolution.

AndroidTV - a New World of Entertainment

In the box, you’ll get everything you require to begin streaming, which includes the sleek television box in black, an infrared remote control and an RCA cable, and the HDMI cable. Its remote controls have been carefully laid out, and has simple to use buttons for controlling applications, input options and setting the TV’s output settings. Contrary to other TV remotes this remote has an input for a mouse, which is designed to facilitate an easy navigation of apps that focus on touch. When you click once, you’ll display a black cursor on the TV’s screen, it can then be controlled using the adjustable ring.

It also comes with a user manual that will guide you through the procedure of installing. The extensive guide will provide information on how to use the device but the user-friendly design is easy to comprehend. Follow the steps to connect the leads into the correct sockets . Once the power is connected , a blue LED will illuminate on the top of the unit. The TV’s screen will start loading an initial display that will prompt you to open the main menu on the device. After completing the various options, you’ll be able to connect to the WiFi network and get up and running within a matter of minutes

AndroidTV - a New World of Entertainment

Who could benefit from this AndroidTV box?

If you’re a lover of TV and movies and want an affordable, high-quality TV box it is the perfect option. The box is designed to run the most recent Android operating system. It comes already pre-installed with KODI 17.3 that will give you full access to popular apps like Skype, Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, Vudu, Flicker and Picasa. In addition, if you’re an active member of services like Amazon Prime or Skystream TV you’ll get access to movies, music, and TV shows. features such as cloud storage and a 7-day replay.

No matter how you stream your content the home screen was designed to offer an easy-to-use user interface. The box is equipped with a pre-loaded screen layout , which contains categories like streaming videos as well as recommended apps, my apps settings, and music. This diverse set of shortcuts can meet nearly all users’ needs, however it’s also easy to customize the menu to meet your particular needs.

AndroidTV - a New World of Entertainment

The capability of downloading and installing a wide range of applications will be of special benefit for those who already have an Google account. You can connect this device with your Google account, which will allow you to transfer any information across your different devices. However, it is also feasible to set up a brand new Google account to connect your television box

AndroidTV - a New World of Entertainment

Conclusion: Is it worth it?

If you’re looking for an affordable and responsive method to convert the television into a connected television and we think that this AndroidTV device is the best choice. Its powerful technology is ideal for people who don’t wish to be held back by buffering while streaming HD content. This device won’t freeze and overheat or cease functioning regardless of whether it is in use for long periods of time.

Although the device was designed for streaming, the image quality as well as support for all types of video and audio formats, and the ability to download as numerous Android applications indicates that the device is more than an ordinary TV box.

If you’re looking to benefit from the top features of this product It is being sold at a bargain cost. The TV is highly recommended and only available for a brief period This is the best moment to purchase.

Where can I purchase the AndroidTV?

The AndroidTV is available for a limited time only, with exclusive offers and free shipping. Ordering is quick and easy, so take advantage of the great price by ordering yours today.

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