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ZenMind XP – Eyes Massaging Mask

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To take the strain off modern life, this is an excellent solution to a bad night’s sleep or headaches. Because anyone who works in an office will know, sitting at a screen all day can have a lasting impact that causes irreparable damage. Fast becoming a must-have product, ZenMind XP uses the latest technology to…

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The latest technology in eyecare can give your eyes a relaxing massage.

ZenMind XP - Eyes Massaging Mask

A simple and easy solution to fatigue and harmful blue light is available.

  • Ergonomic Design
  • 4 Relaxation Programs
  • Fully Automatic Mode
  • Intelligent Induce Sleep Mode
  • One Button Operated
  • Universal Fit For All Faces


This is a great way to get rid of the stress that modern life can cause. Anyone who works in an office can tell you that sitting all day at a monitor can have a lasting effect on your health and cause irreparable damage.

This product is quickly becoming a necessity. ZenMind XP Uses the most recent technology to give you a break away from the damaging light of smartphones and computers, restoring your vision and relieving headaches.


ZenMind XP It is amazingly easy to use

A limited use of an eye mask means that many people are looking for a new technology to restore their eyesight and look young.

ZenMind XP It is controlled by one button. This makes it easy to use and understands in minutes. You can adjust the settings to customize your eye massage or relax experience by pressing the buttons.


There are many options for relaxing massages

Many products that claim to provide an eye massage don’t offer enough options. A lot of the time they have just one mode that isn’t powerful enough to make much of a difference.

This isn’t the case for ZenMind XP. This device has many features. It targets 9 points of acupuncture to provide gentle warmth around the eyes.

You can easily switch between the 3 modes. You can choose from heat and compress, length of massaging, heat, vibration and many more.


The Proven Method of Restoring Youthful Eyes

These traditional methods, such as cooling your eyes with a cucumber or using a cooling mask, are no longer reliable. The effects wear off quickly and for most people, aren’t even noticeable.

To increase blood flow to the correct areas ZenMind XP Uses gentle heat and soothing air compression to reduce dark circles and puffiness caused by poor sleep habits or prolonged time spent looking at screens.


An easy way to massage your eyes

Everyone who lives a busy life knows how difficult it is to make the time to care for themselves. It can be easy for people to forget to take care of their health when they are on the road, working long hours and traveling.

Thankfully, ZenMind XP It’s small and portable. It is small and easy to transport, making it ideal for business trips or holidays. The lithium battery can be recharged via USB, so you can plug it in wherever you are.

It can be used while you travel as long as you are in the passenger’s chair. This allows you to make the most of your time and relax.


Innovative Heat Technology

Tired eyes and other eye problems can make it difficult to focus, which can be detrimental when it comes time to drive and work.

Heat technology has been developed to help you reach your full potential. ZenMind XP Warms muscles to promote relaxation. It can deliver a comfortable temperature of 100.4 to 107 degrees at once, which is more than heat pressure can.


The Ultimate Design

The majority of people wouldn’t wear an eye mask outside their home, especially in public. They aren’t appealing on the eye so are often only used in the bath or when at home alone.

The striking design of ZenMind XP This mask can be used almost anywhere. The mask looks great thanks to the thin line that runs across its front. Its cordless design allows you to move it around your house and bring it with you on trips without having to plug it in.


Additional Comfort for More Relaxation

Itchy products can make your eyes feel tighter and more intrusive. This can make it difficult to relax, and defeats the purpose of an eye massage.

ZenMind XP Feels comfortable around your head and on your eyes. Comfort band inside is soft and comfortable. The headband and nose bridge are ergonomically designed so that it can be worn by all.


Bluetooth Speakers with Built-in Bluetooth

As if the technology behind this product wasn’t impressive enough, it also helps you to chill in other ways.

Zen Mind XP allows you to relax by connecting your phone to Bluetooth. This will allow you to customize the music for the soothing eye massage. Comfort is everything. Zen Mind XP offers many benefits that other products don’t offer, such as the feeling of the device on your head and the ability listen to slow music.


As you might expect from a high-quality product, the stereo system has an impressive sound considering it isn’t the main feature.

Relax with an eye massage like no other. ZenMind XP This is a great place to take a break from the bustling world.

Where can I purchase the ZenMind XP?

The ZenMind XP is available for a limited time only, with exclusive offers and free shipping. Ordering is quick and easy, so take advantage of the great price by ordering yours today.

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