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SpatialSound Edge – Vibration Speaker

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A convenient and compact product, SpatialSound Edge uses advanced technology that makes it capable of turning any surface into a speaker. As it increases in popularity, it provides an immersive sound experience and can be used on several devices, in any situation. Easy From The First Use A lot of modern technology is filled with…

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It is here! You can now impress your friends with the most recent technology in sound.

SpatialSound Edge - Vibration Speaker

This head-turning product can be used on any surface

  • Delivers 360° Surrounding Sound
  • Turn Any Surface Into a Speaker
  • Enhanced Deep Bass Technology
  • Fully Portable with Built-in Battery
  • Stable Bluetooth Connection
  • Compatible with iOS and Android


Compact and convenient SpatialSound Edge Advanced technology allows it to transform any surface into a speaker.

It is becoming more popular and it can be used in many situations.


Simple From the First Use

Modern technology can have too many functions and add-ons that it is difficult to use, which makes it harder to get the most from the product.

Products like SpatialSound Edge doesn’t try too hard. The simple functionality allows you to change the settings quickly and easily. The setup is quick and easy.


It’s everywhere you go

A lot of speakers are bulky and take up space, so they don’t have the same compact size as you think. This can mean you don’t take it with you, and you can’t listen to your music.

At 40mm, it is the SpatialSound Edge It’s small and light at just 360g. You can carry it in your pocket or bag and enjoy the great sound. Because it is wireless, it doesn’t constrict you to your living room, take it out with you and get the most out of your sound system.


The Latest Technology

There are some impressive speakers on the market, but it’s hard to find one that has a wow-factor, they all use similar technology.

The speaker will make heads turn if you are looking for a speaker that is both powerful and eloquent. SpatialSound Edge It is certain to make people curious about how it works. Because it uses different surfaces for different sounds, bone conduction technology is truly unique.


You can have many different experiences with the same product. To get more bass and high volume, place it on top a cardboard box. If you happen to be near a coffee table or glass door, place the guitar on the top of a cardboard box and notice the difference.

It can be placed on the dashboard of your vehicle for louder sound while you’re driving.

It doesn’t matter where you place it, you always get a brilliant sound that is around 4 – 5 times louder than a smartphone.


Enjoy music wherever you are

Most speakers are restrictive in what you can listen to, so people often get tired of their playlists because they can’t mix things up.

An FM radio function is a popular feature that allows you listen to your favorite station from wherever you happen to be. Another way to experiment with a new sound is by placing it on a completely different surface each time.

It supports BT and TF cards, so that you can always have music on hand.


It looks amazing

The appeal lies in the fact that it is difficult to judge what someone is wearing based on their looks. SpatialSound Edge It is then that the superb sound system can be turned on. The design is modern and elegant with smooth lines.

The buttons’ suckers look great and add functionality. This means that you can attach the button to any window frame or to a guitar to hear what kind of sound you get.


A speaker’s size determines how loud it can produce sound. Most brands have lower quality speakers. Some people are disappointed in the lack of punchiness from compact speakers, and it’s easy to see why.

With SpatialSound Edge You get 20W power, which can make a loud sound that adds some excitement to any social setting. To adjust the volume, or to choose the next/previous track, simply twist the side. It is possible to get more out of your speaker depending on its surface. That’s part of the charm of this unique speaker.


Super Fast Charging

One problem with wireless speakers is that it’s easy to forget to charge them, meaning you don’t take them out as often.

Here’s where the magic happens. SpatialSound Edge It is simply amazing. It only takes 30 minutes to reach full charge making it convenient, even when you don’t have much time. It takes only 15 minutes to get 80 minutes of use, and a full charge gives you 3 hours of play time.

It’s impressive for something so small.

Where can I purchase the SpatialSound Edge?

The SpatialSound Edge is available for a limited time only, with exclusive offers and free shipping. Ordering is quick and easy, so take advantage of the great price by ordering yours today.

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