Oculus Quest 2 – Will VR Damage Your Eyes?

Oculus Quest 2 - Will VR Damage Your Eyes?


Oculus Quest 2 – Will VR Damage Your Eyes? 4 Dangers You NEED To Know!

Is vr bad for your eyes that” s most likely the most typical concern that i” ve gotten considering that my last video about vr so i wish to discuss 4 locations of where vr possibly might be bad for your eyes however there might be prospective advantages to the eyes let” s focus in hello howdy everyone this is Dr. Neal Guymon, Dr. EyeGuy and i wish to discuss the brief term possible impacts along with the long term prospective results that vr systems may have on your eyes so let” s leap right into the very first subject this location connects to the digital eye stream that you might possibly obtain from looking at the screens in the vr gadget and a great deal of the signs are comparable in reality the like computer system vision syndrome what individuals get when they” re looking at computer system screens or their phone screens for long amount of times they can burn out and likewise feel.

Headaches the huge one is really your eyes will dry which” s from in fact gazing at the screen due to the fact that we tend to blink method less when we” re gazing at a screen exact same thing with vr which might possibly be damaging for the surface area of your eyes it can trigger soreness inflammation burning stinging dry spots on the surface area of your eye that can trigger fuzzy vision therefore you absolutely wish to comply with the 20 20 20 guideline that i spoke about in my other video one prospective long-lasting result from regular digital eye pressure and not blinking from utilizing a great deal of vr is damage to the oil glands within your eyelids we” re seeing that individuals that utilize computer system screens and their phones for extended periods of time we” re finding that the oil glands of their eyelids are in fact atrophying they” re diminishing down since that blinking isn” t there that mechanical.

Blink to squeeze the oil glands and get this fresh good healthy layer of oil onto the surface area of your eyes isn” t there and this might possibly be really damaging in the future since when those oil glands are gone they” re gone they ‘ re practically difficult to return therefore you may be handling a persistent bad dry eye concern in the future so make sure that you follow that 20 20 20 guideline because of that that” s most likely the greatest factor is you put on” t desire your oil glands to vanish and trigger a future possible issue with dry eye illness the 2nd location has in fact been discussed a lot in specific vr kinds and other videos and something called divergence lodging dispute so let me discuss the private terms so you understand what they indicate lodging is the name for your eyes focusing system when you in fact take a look at your phone screen.

Or something up close you will accommodate or focus vergence merging or divergence is your eyes posture or your eyes motion to be able to take a look at something and make it one single image you will assemble to take a look at your phone screen something up close and after that you” ll diverge time your eyes will assemble to make that a single image a single clear image and at the exact same time they” ll diverge to take a look at something far and your lodging will unwind so they type of operate in consistency together the virgins lodging dispute occurs in vr gadgets due to the fact that vr gadgets typically set their centerpiece for range or far away therefore your lodging will wish to unwind to make the image clear however at the very same time your visual system understands that there” s something near to your eyes therefore they ‘ ll wish to assemble to make the image single a single clear image.

They have this consistent dispute where they” re utilized to working in consistency together and all abrupt you put on a gadget that kind of separates the 2 systems a little bit i believe this is in fact the location where you” ll hear a lot of physicians alerting versus vr systems since they might possibly be damaging to the eyes due to the fact that they might be mistraining the systems of the eyes and working versus that consistency that they” re utilized to however the good thing about the eyes is that they are flexible so they can snap back so as long as you” re taking breaks every 20 30 minutes and your eyes can snap back into that unified system that they” re utilized to likewise in the future they are working on much better lenses for vr gadgets that can be multi or differed focal ranges and being able to move the lenses a little bit so.

You can in fact have the ability to utilize that consistency of the lodging and the vergence together so i wear” t see this possibly being a larger issue in the future i believe they are dealing with fixing this problem presently the 3rd location associates with the real blue light that” s originating from the gadget and i did an entire video about blue light originating from the oculus mission 2 and if it was bad for your eyes you can have a look at that video right there likewise in the description listed below however that video likewise relates to other vr gadgets too the primary essence is the blue light might possibly be adding to digital eye stress the research studies are blended on that some state no some state yes the one thing the blue light can do is that it can impact your sleep cycle so if you are playing the gadget better to bedtime then you might possibly be awake all night since that blue light.

Impacted your sleep cycle so attempt and utilize the blue light filter as much as you can attempting to prevent playing vr towards bedtime which is truly challenging to do however if you do those things then you” re doing what you can do to attempt and keep your eyes safe from the blue light the 4th location is a concern that i get all of the time which” s if vr is triggering our vision to worsen significance is it triggering us to get more astigmatism is it triggering us to end up being nearsighted or farsighted which” s likewise studied a lot with computer system usage and phone usage and tablet usage due to the fact that increasingly more individuals on this world are ending up being nearsighted suggesting their range vision is ending up being blurred therefore the concern and a great deal of research studies are looking for out if it” s since of our phone usage and our tablet usage practically our world is actually near us so are we adjusting to this.

Close-up world now here” s where one advantage brings out the vr gadgets a great deal of times vr is set for range significance that we” re unwinding our lodging and focusing far a great deal of times our lodging can be unwinded when we” re searching in the vr gadget so that” s one advantage that the vr has more than taking a look at your phone screens or your tablets and even the computer system screens is that you get to unwind and look far you put on” t even need to utilize your lodging to attempt and focus up close however bottom line if you are utilizing a vr gadget and you follow the 20 20 20 guideline you take breaks you blink you move your eyes around perhaps you utilize eye drops you” re utilizing the blue light filter you” re being clever about your eyes you” re looking after your eyes if you feel a headache if you feel an eye stress take a break let your eyes recover to what they normally do.

Recuperate into that unified level and i believe your eyes will last a very long time and you can prevent a great deal of those prospective long-lasting adverse effects of utilizing a vr gadget a couple more advantages that i wish to include at the end of the video is a great deal of vr gadgets or something comparable are being utilized for individuals that have actually currently harmed vision suggesting they have really low vision possibly due to an eye illness or injury or something like that they can really utilize a vr gadget to amplify images perhaps enjoy television to make them look actually huge and really is restoring some of their practical vision therefore that” s one advantage that i ‘ m in fact truly thrilled about the prospective the future capacity of assisting these individuals that have low vision another advantage they really utilize vr gadgets in kids that have a lazy eye or one eye that is not viewing as well as.

The other eye they” ll have them play a vr video game in a vr gadget and they” re able to alter the lenses or the centerpieces of the lenses perhaps make one eye blurred so they can in fact train the brain to utilize that lazy eye and perhaps reinforce that eye therefore that” s likewise another amazing part of vr and where it can really be advantageous and in fact assist individuals with eye issues if you have any concerns about vr and eyes make sure that you leave it down in the remarks i really attempt my finest to attempt and address all the concerns that i get on these videos ensure that you take a look at my other videos also i” ll leave those in the description about astigmatism my other vr and i videos the blue light video so you can have that recommendation to now i strategy on doing a sequel to this video which” s if vr is bad for kids eyes so ensure that.

You” re subscribed for that when i release that video i” m Dr. Neal Guymon, Dr. EyeGuy, focusing on you and your eyes take a look at my other videos right there and i” ll see you in the next video