Cool Tech Under $50

Cool Tech Under $50

Cool Tech Under $50 For Your Setup

It” s a brand name brand-new month which implies it” s time for another episode of cool tech however in this video we” re going to be concentrating on cool tech on their 50 for your setup so if you people are on a tight spending plan and you still wish to enliven your setup you” re going to like today ‘ s video let ‘ s get going if you men wish to get a fresh windows 10 professional cd essential then make certain to click the link listed below and check out you men can get one for less than 15 utilizing my code ts20 at checkout so the majority of what you see in this setup expense less than 50 dollars aside from the apparent things like the screen keyboard mouse and naturally the ill customized constructed all-white pc which i did a develop guide on and i” ll leave a link listed below if you people wish to examine it out so let” s begin off.

With the lighting in the setup particularly the led bar i’have crossing the edge at the desk i ‘ m utilizing the gobi led strips in mix with the muzada led channel system to assist diffuse the lights i see numerous individuals put the naked rgb strips on their setup or on their wall without diffusing them correctly and it simply looks ugly in my viewpoint well with these led channels you can now correctly diffuse the lights so that they look much better these channels are particularly created with a frosted cover to assist spread out the locations throughout the whole channel for a more well balanced and even lighting clearly it doesn” t totally get rid of all the locations and this depends mainly on what rgb strips you” re utilizing too however it ‘ s a substantial distinction without utilizing one so there are 2 various muzada channels that you can choose the flat ones look the cleanest however they put on” t.

Diffuse the lights as great the taller ones are the very best at diffusing the lights however they are taller and protrude more than the flat ones installing these are actually simple and there are 2 methods of doing this technique one is the long-term method utilizing the supplied installing brackets they come with a set of screws and base plates which are required to protect the raceway to your desk or wall just connect the base plate utilizing the offered screws and after that you can snap on the raceways later on you simply stick the rgb strip inside and close it off utilizing the frosted covers personally i wear” t like this technique due to the fact that’it ‘ s long-term and i wear” t like drilling holes into things in case i require to move things around or update my setup later so i usage technique second the tech source technique i merely utilize these extremely thin double-sided 3m tape and i connected.

Them straight behind the raceway this not just gets rid of the requirement to drill holes into things however we put on” t requirement to utilize the installing bracket also so total it simply looks much easier and tidy anyways when you run your rgb strip through the raceway you can close it off with the frosted guard and after that shut off the corner with the offered covers if you have a big desk or surface area then follow the exact same actions for any extra raceways you wish to set up nevertheless you will need to cut off the excess so ensure to mark the cutoff point with a pencil or marker and utilize a metal cutter i got a jigsaw from my regional hardware shop which quickly cut through the raceway like butter you are likewise going to have to cut off the frosted cover also so when again make certain to mark the cutoff point and you can utilize scissors to cut these off because they are plastic.

The outcome is this perfectly diffused lighting that doesn” t appear like it comes from a 12 year old who plays fortnite sadly the gobi strips i” m utilizing are method too intense and it gets cleaned up on cam so i can” t actually reveal you what they appear like at peak brightness however let me simply state they look fantastic compared to prior to you truly need to take a look at these face to face to comprehend what i” m speaking about successive on the list are these extremely easy yet remarkable light bars from a business called tizumi they just opt for 10 each so even with both of them together the overall is still under 50 dollars these are a very inexpensive and simple method to include a little bit of lighting to your setup or area you can place these 2 methods utilizing the circular base that it features either vertically much like how i have it in my setup or you can put them horizontally now these do include remotes.

They just manage that particular light bar so if you have numerous light bars you” re going to have to change the colors separately in between all the remotes which can be rather frustrating however thankfully they do have an app so i sync both the lights together and i can manage them at the exact same time which is way more hassle-free plus it has way more functions on the app compared to the remote for example i can set a schedule for the lights to turn on and off on specific times i can likewise have the lights respond to music from my phone and there are even results that you can pick from i wasn” t anticipating much from these lights when i saw the cost however i was happily shocked on how excellent they are the only caution on these are the cable televisions so initially off they” re usb powered so they” re gon na take up an extra usb port from the back of your pc unless you” re.

Utilizing like a usb center or something 2nd these cable televisions are aggravatingly brief i believe they” re like less than 3 feet or something i needed to purchase 2 usb extensions simply to plug these into the back of my pc however once again 10 dollars i can” t truly grumble i do suggest these for anybody that wishes to include a little bit of lighting on their setup that” s likewise on a very tight budget plan speaking of illuminating next is a completely personalized led numpad this is best for those who utilize 60 or little type aspect keyboards i” m somebody who utilizes numbers a lot specifically when i” m modifying videos the numpad can be found in actually helpful with those faster ways however i do choose smaller sized keyboards in my viewpoint they look a lot cleaner and they put on” t use up much area from the desk so i discovered a much better alternative to get the very best of both worlds a totally.

Personalized devoted numpad i pull it out when i require to utilize it and tuck it away when i” m completed the cool feature of this numpad is that it” s completely personalized you can choose the design of the numpad the switch type and even the colors for both the underglow and the switch itself there are 3 sets that you can pick from on the site package 1 has mainly gatoron and eliminate switches while package 2 has cherry switches and then you have the choice of doing simply bare bones by picking package 3. in this case they simply send out you the case pcb and the screws you would have to install your own switches bear in mind that these put on” t featured any keycaps which i in fact choose due to the fact that then you can utilize any keycaps you desire that method matches your existing keyboard i initially went with kl red switches with white back lighting and a red underglow which.

Looks fantastic in my viewpoint nevertheless i” m going to switch the switches to some goals that i just recently got for my custom-made keyboard later on this year the numpad does include a braided usb-c cable television however i wound up switching it with a white one so that matches the setup” s colors speaking of cable televisions we have some stunning double-sleeved coil cable televisions i included some of these in my last cool tech video if you people keep in mind however these are from another business called tes cable televisions and in my viewpoint they are much better cable televisions than prior to the intertwining on these are visibly much better and you get better colors to pick from i personally enjoy the soft blue cable television and the white adapter combo the most however they do have a quite sweet vaporwave purple choice too plus with these you get a pilot cable television also coil cable televisions are an actually simple method to include.

A little bit of personalization to your keyboard and i have my own connected to my ghost k1 keyboard all right let” s discuss the screen riser this is the jelly comb adjustable monitorizer and they are available in 3 tastes black white and mint green a modernizer has numerous utilize cases in a setup for beginners it raises the display to your eye level this indicates a more comfy seeing angle and less neck stress needing to look down in addition to that it likewise maximizes additional area below the display for storage as you can see i benefited from that additional area to keep my chromebook a number of journals and my custom-made numpad so the riser has 2 adjustable choices 16.5 inches by default which still has sufficient area to keep a 15-inch laptop computer however if you have a bigger display screen you can broaden the legs increasing the overall width to 20.5 inches.

I would state it” s huge enough to conveniently support as much as a 24 inch screen however you can most likely get away with a 27 inch also if you put on” t mind it hanging off the sides a bit the monorizer likewise includes some quite cool functions like a take out phone stand and a small pencil drawer i indicate it” s not deep sufficient to save a lot of things however it” s really helpful for thin things personally i like to keep all my basics in here like a microfiber fabric a flash drive and the ub keep likewise an amusing story i believed this little space over here was for keeping pens or pencils however it ends up it” s really a tablet stand i wear” t own a tablet’so i ‘ m simply going to utilize my phone as an example i like utilizing a mono riser to multitask by playing raid shadow legends on my phone while i” m video gaming on the pc or if you” re a jerk banner with a single.

Screen you can have a tablet or your phone on either of the stands to rechat as you” re playing i believe this is an actually cool modernizer that supplies a great deal of performance to your setup Sponsored by Yubico Sponsored by Yubico cool tech product from today” s video this small little crucial function as a type of two-factor authentication for my accounts usernames and passwords unfortunately aren” t enough to secure yourself nowadays particularly if you have a lot to lose in my case my whole life no huge offer the very first thing i did was include the secret to all of my gmail accounts consisting of my youtube account this implies anytime somebody attempts to log into my account they will not just need to put the password in however they likewise have.

To have the physical secret too this suggests no one can hack into my accounts not even the most experienced hacker on the planet due to the fact that they will require the physical secret with them in order to get gain access to it” s likewise ideal for travel because it has a keychain alternative and it doesn” t need any batteries to utilize great deals of applications really support these secrets and if you” re somebody who values their security i highly suggest choosing one up i” m presently utilizing the usb-an alternative however they do provide various secrets for various gadgets when again links will be down listed below if you men been searching for a strong set of earphones for less than 50 dollars then buckle up since i” m ready to conserve your day the famous expense ur 40s are by far the very best sounding earphones i have actually ever heard for this rate variety i” m no audiophile by any ways however damn the noise.

Quality that comes out of these dinky earphones is remarkable the only factor i even encountered these earphones in the very first location was through the cool tech area of my discord i put on” t even understand how i sanctuary” t become aware of these prior to these are incredibly light-weight open back earphones that offers great mid-range and treble and compared to other earphones within this rate variety they do punch a bit more on the low end i indicate there are individuals comparing the sound quality of these to costlier earphones and you can examine the evaluations out on your own if you desire so the develop quality is certainly more on the lightweight side that makes sense i guess appears like they invest the majority of the spending plan on the real sound quality than the construct quality and since of how light-weight they are it doesn” t even seem like you” re using earphones to be truthful and with.

The open back style you can still hear whatever around you this indicates no sound seclusion or canceling function with these earphones they do collapse making it ideal for travel nevertheless it doesn” t included a bring case however it does feature a quarter inch adapter if you choose to utilize it with a dac or amp i have the earphones resting on an inexpensive aluminum stand i got from amazon for just 10 dollars if you people are looking for some kick-ass earphones for around 30 dollars you got ta a minimum of attempt them out and you” ll see why the earphones aren” t the only source of audio for the setup i likewise utilize a small bluetooth speaker that i keep under the display it” s absolutely nothing unique simply an excellent looking portable bluetooth speaker that i usage if i wear” t seem like placing on earphones lastly let” s discuss the acoustic panels on the wall these are the deckaroo acoustic.

Panels you” ve most likely seen these in a previous episode of setup wars however i chosen to purchase them and check it out myself to see if it” s really worth the cash for beginners they can be found in a pack of 12 with a number of various color choices to pick from to match your setup” s color design as you can see i opted for a tri-color setup for mine with a mix of blue gray and white i was kind of dissatisfied to learn that they wear” t included any setup products sadly that” s something you need to purchase independently setup nevertheless was really simple i had the ability to utilize a single double-sided 3m square right in the center of the panel which was all it required to stay with my wall however obviously this will depend upon your wall and the kind of finishing it has in regards to soundproofing does a good task like i wasn” t blown away by any ways however i did just usage.

About 12 foams after all and the space currently had some sound absorption present like i had a big sofa in there with carpet floor covering so the distinction with acoustic panels were extremely minimal i believe these would be more efficient if your space has a great deal of echo and reverb to start with and if you consume all 12 of the panels otherwise you” re simply purchasing these for aesthetic appeals which isn” t a bad thing either i believe this is an actually cool method of not just enhancing the appearance of your setup however likewise soundproofing your space also so that is all the cool tech i have for you this month if you men delight in the cool tech series think about dropping a like prior to you go out and if you” re selecting something up from this video let me understand in the remarks area down listed below likewise if you men are brand-new here think about subscribing due to the fact that i do cool tech series every month.

And if you” re tired think about viewing some of my previous cool tech videos thank you men a lot for enjoying as constantly and i” ll see you soon in the next one